Recovery Coaching

Your own recovery coach helps you to change your life and develop new skills to stay away from substance abuse.



Through one on one conversations you develop insight and wisdom to leave addiction behind.

24/7 Chaperone

Constant 24/7 support for those at risk of relapse or facing challenging life situations.

Why work with a personal recovery coach?

Our program is highly customised to suit the needs of our clients  focusing on the reasons why you abuse substances and rather than the symptoms.

Having both come from a business background, Travis and James understand the pressure of the corporate world and the need for discretion in relation to these matters.

No two clients are the same and so we take the time to understand your specific needs and focus on each of the areas you're looking to improve.

Having both beaten substance addiction, James and Travis have a lived experience and a level of understanding that only one addict can offer another. We know all the tricks and every excuse under the sun because once upon a time, we used them too.

why work with a recovery coach

Next Steps...

You may be wanting help for yourself or a family member and not sure what to do next. Give us a call to discuss your options and if in fact rehab is what you need, we can help you to navigate this process and find the best program for your needs.