Our story

After years of mentoring and industry experience, we noticed that certain personality types didn’t fit the mold for traditional recovery. We met people that wanted change but for whatever reason, couldn’t commit to the months of rehab required to get it. Rather than let these people revert back to their abusive behaviour, we saw an opportunity to develop a program to help these people find recovery and not slip through the cracks.


Meet the Team

Our Lead Recovery Coaches, James and Travis work with a community of practitioners and organisations to provide a wholist approach to treating addiction

trav profile

Travis Trewarne

Recovery Coach

Travis is a father of two boys and has run a number of successful retail businesses for over 20 years. He has an innate ability to build rapport with clients and connect through his own life experiences


James Ferne

Recovery Coach

James has worked as a professional facilitator, coach, speaker, and mentor to men and women across Australia. He brings a passion for this work and genuine love of helping people

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