Hopefully we have covered your questions below, if not, please feel free to contact us anytime

How long is you program?

We customise each program to suit the availability and needs of our clients. We would suggest a minimum of 30 days in order to create any lasting changes to behaviour and form new habits

Do you have any formal qualifications?

Short answer is no, we have both attended a number of courses and training sessions on coaching, facilitation, meditation and mindfulness but our main point of difference is a lived experience of addiction. We had both tried councillors, doctors, psychiatrists and specialist with little success. The most profound change came from working with other addicts/alcoholics and through the process of relating.

Can you help my loved-one get clean?

We work mostly with people in the earlier stages of addiction, those who are able to stop but struggle to stay clean or sober. If your loved-one is unable to get clean on their own for at least a couple of days, we would suggest getting in contact with a rehab. These organisations have the staff and facilities required to detox people in a safe and healthy way.

Can you recommend a rehab?

We have worked with most of the rehabs in Melbourne in some form or another and can certainly help you to find and work with the best suited rehabs and detoxs.