These words were taken from the final questionnaire given to a client (Nick) of RCA after working with James for 4 weeks. 


What were your expectations signing up to Recovery Coaches
Australia? Was it different to what you expected?

When I initially signed up for recovery coaches Australia I thought the price was quite high for an unqualified young therapist. Now having done the work I can see how much time and effort has gone into my recovery and understand fully the value in what these guys do and there qualifications are beyond anything you could learn at a university.

How did you find the content of each week? 

I found the content really intense. It was a lot of work and I would advise anyone embarking on this quest to take there time with it.

How has this process helped you in getting off drugs?

The process has been the most profound thing I’ve done in my quest to get off drugs. 

How has this program given you tools in your life? 

I have really been able to witness my thoughts feeling behaviours through this work and know why they come up and where they come from and be able to also see that in others. It has made much easier to live from a compassionate place.

How has the work helped you in your relationship to yourself?

I now have a greater understanding of previous versions of me and live closer to my true self than I ever have.

How has your relationship to drugs shifted?

I’m still in early recovery but right now I honestly can say drugs are the thing I feel I want to do the least.

How do you feel now that you are clean?

I’m in early stages of my recovery but I feel like I have some real choice in my life around who I hang out with and what I want to do. I no longer am ruled by my need to be someone I’m not.

Did you feel supported by James?

James has been a great support he’s a very good listener. He has great patience, is incredibly aware and emotionally intelligent.

How did you find James as a coach? 

James really was a great fit for me. Being similar and demographic I think made it easy for me to connect with him. He also makes me laugh with his storytelling.

Did you find the one-on-one sessions with James helpful? 

Loved the one on ones with James. It really is an important part of the
process there seems to be no time limit and real interest from James which makes me feel loved and supported. Incredibly generous with his time.

Did you find the questions and homework helpful?

Homework and questions were such an important part of the process they really are what allows you to get to know yourself and then to have some really genuine content to discuss with James.

Overall, how would you describe your experience of the program?

The best way to describe the experience would be profound intense
challenging and rewarding.